Oversize Extractors for Mauser Small Ring Actions

For those of you looking for and oversize extractor for the Mauser small ring actions, there is and off the shelf solution that works great. If you are converting to anything with a rim size of 7.62*39 no further bolt wok is needed. If you are converting to 300aac or 9mm, you will still need to reduce the bolt face, we are currently working on a simple solution. The extractor to use is a Ruger M77 bolt action for the 223, do not buy these from Ruger, as they tend to ship the wrong one. Buy them from Brownells, part # 780-000-348as.
If you have found a solution to this, please reply to this post and tell us what you used!

2 thoughts on “Oversize Extractors for Mauser Small Ring Actions

    • TSadmin17 says:

      The 9 mm conversion uses the Colt 1911 in 9 mm mag.300 aac barrels should be finished this week with a bolt ring for the Mausers.

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