As we receive questions from you,our valued customers, we will be adding to our list of FAQs.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please send us an email!


How can I order a Leopard Stock?
Unfortunately, we are no longer producing this item. If we ever decide to bring it back to our line of merchandise, we will let you know via our Newsletter.  Be sure you sign up!
Do you ship internationally?
We have begun to ship limited items internationally through our partner, Global Defense Trade Network.  If interested in either purchasing from us or working with us internationally, please contact:   Jordan Young, President and CEO Global Defense Trade Network O  305-342-4688  E W
Which .45 acp conversion would I need for the Spanish Mausers JG is selling? Large ring or small ring?
The small ring will fit.  You will need to re-profile the bottom of the bolt to get it to work with the Spanish actions.
What isnt there a phone number listed?
We are a small operation, working diligently to produce items for our customers.  Phone conversations, however brief, can disrupt our operations.  Thank you for sending us an email, we do try and respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you.