Oversize Extractors for Mauser Small Ring Actions

For those of you looking for and oversize extractor for the Mauser small ring actions, there is and off the shelf solution that works great. If you are converting to anything with a rim size of 7.62*39 no further bolt wok is needed. If you are converting to 300aac or 9mm, you will still need to reduce the bolt face, we are currently working on a simple solution. The extractor to use is a Ruger M77 bolt action for the 223, do not buy these from Ruger, as they tend to ship the wrong one. Buy them from Brownells, part # 780-000-348as.  UPDATE:  You will need to grind the collar a bit for it to fit correctly. If you have found a solution to this, please reply to this post and tell us what you used!

16 thoughts on “Oversize Extractors for Mauser Small Ring Actions

    • TSadmin17 says:

      The 9 mm conversion uses the Colt 1911 in 9 mm mag.300 aac barrels should be finished this week with a bolt ring for the Mausers.

  1. Ed Becka says:

    1. Do you have a conversion block for .45 M3 grease gun magazines in either the small or large ring Mausers?
    2. I’m seeing two different stories with extractors for the small ring 7.62X39 setup, in one place you say there’s no bolt work needed but in the other you say it needs a Ruger extractor – which is it?
    3. I presume the .450 BM runs out of the Mauser magazine with just widening of the lip area?
    Thanks for your time and info, I have a small and a large ring that I want to rebarrel and I’m trying to pick calibers for both.

  2. Andrew P Page says:

    would it be possible to get a colt 9mm smg mag to work on a mauser…rather than 9mm 1911 mags…
    I have lots and with the popularity of 9mm ar15 setups it would make sense

  3. Vern says:

    For my small ring mauser to 7.62×39 I used a Winchester Mod. 70 (pre 65) blank extractor sold by Midway. It required special ordering and minor custom fitting with a dermal tool along with shaping and fitting the extractor claw with the dermal tool. The extractor blade is long enough to be fitted for any cal.

    • Rhineland Arms says:

      Thank you for the information! We just received ours as well but haven’t done anything with it… We are planning on using it for the 300 Blackout.

  4. Greg says:

    For my Spanish Mauser project I picked up a Ruger M77 extractor and shaved it down on the face to get the lugs to lock. It now fits like the original. Problem is, it’s just not picking the rounds up on the way back. It pulls them back a lot better than the original, which left them in the chamber 50% of the time or so, but its just enough to have it clear the chamber and it lets go. Any ideas?

    • Rhineland Arms says:

      What caliber are you using?

      The 7.62*39 should work fine with the Ruger extractor but the 300 is going to require some face work. We are also developing an insert for the Mauser bolt face.

      • Greg says:

        It is 7.62×39. I thought it should work fine as well, but it doesn’t seem to hold the round anywhere near as securely as your photo at the top of the article. There’s no doubt it’s biting the rim outside the action, but once I reassemble and cycle, it’s non-functional. I’ll keep at it, and wait on the bolt face.

  5. Aaron says:

    On my Chilean project to 35 Rem, I bought the Ruger extractor you mention from Brownells. But, the extractor collar on the Mauser will not fit it. The dovetails are different profile height. I bought the Ruger extractor collar but need to grind it down to the right width. Just thought I’d mention this. My stock 7mm extractor may work anyway, it seems to so far.

    • Rhineland Arms says:

      Thank you for your comment. I forgot that the collar needs to be ground down just a little in order to work.

  6. Matt says:

    I bought the m77 extractor for my 1903 Turk in 7.62×39. It doesn’t work. The 1903 Turk is an intermediate length action. Will the pre win 64 extractor work with 03 Turk !

  7. Jack harrington says:

    Do you sell an extractor for the 1916 Spanish amused converted to 7.62, 51? I know that it will need to be fitted. Thank you

    • Rhineland Arms says:

      No, we don’t. But it should just need the standard factory issued Mauser extractor.

  8. Brandon Scott Edmonds says:

    I picked up the parts for this just yesterday and got the ring fitted to the spare spanish bolt i have. The extractor is a tad longer than the original, but it doesnt seem like that should be an issue. Have not tried a round in the bolt face yet.

    To fit the ring just lightly sand it on a belt sander till it fits with little play.

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