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Rhineland Arms is excited to be launching our new website and hope that our customers find it easy to use.  Our shop is split into three main categories:  barrels, kits, and stocks.  Each product includes a picture and a short description.  When you find something you’d like, simply add it to your cart and check-out when you are finished shopping.  You should receive an invoice via paypal when the order is complete.

Our plan for our “Blog” is to focus on the products already in our line-up, as well as upcoming projects we are working on behind the scenes.

We have created a Gallery page on this website to highlight pictures you, our customers, have taken of our products that you have used to finish your firearms.  If you have a Rhineland Arms product that you would like to share a picture of in our Gallery, simply email it to

Did you know we also have a Facebook page??  Simply click on the Facebook icon on this page and sign in to your Facebook account, the link will take you to the Rhineland Arms page!  We will be posting the latest news there!

Rhineland Arms also has a You Tube Channel!  We have gathered some videos of customers that have created videos showing how they finished their particular firearm, as well as showing off their finished products.  To find it, simply click on the You Tube icon at the top of this page, or the one on our home page and it will take you straight to the Rhineland Arm channel.

Thank you for your patience as we move to this new platform as well as your continued patronage!


15 thoughts on “New Webpage

  1. Louis Almeida says:

    Do you guys still make the leopard stock for the mkII? If so do you have price and availability?


    • Rhineland Arms says:

      Sadly, no, we no longer manufacture the leopard stock for the savage mkII. We have other options for the Savage in our product line if you are interested in any of those.

  2. Eric Rubritius says:

    I just bought a small tin 450 bushmaster barrel from you and remember reading somewhere that if I send it to you, you can headspace and fit the barrel for me. Is this true and if so can you tell me how much and how long it will take. I’d also be interested in having both done in the QPQ finish and how much that would cost. It is a Turk Mauser receiver and your small ring 18” bull barrel.


    • Rhineland Arms says:

      Sorry for the delay in our response. Unfortunately because of time constraints, we are unable to offer this service (head-spacing and fitting the barrel for you) any longer. We can do an exchange for the bull barrel for one with QPQ, but we are currently out of stock and will be January before they are back in stock.

  3. Gerald says:


    Are you still actively seeking and developing the new chassis for the large ring Mauser that replaces the EXO chassis that was discontinued?

    Thanks in advance as always,

  4. david navaille says:

    the website is not user friendly for smart phones! I can read it but the reply function does not work!

  5. Ed Becka says:

    Since your new site came online I can no longer find your Mauser action wrench. I’m gonna need one because I plan on rebarreling one each large and small ring Mausers. Do you still sell it, or has it been discontinued? Thanks.

  6. Tom Koppel says:

    I’ve pretty well finished the metal prep, etc on my large ring Mauser 450 BM.7 Just waiting on guages. Very easy project.

    My question has to do with the way the barrel threads up into the 98 action. Usually the barrel face bears against the inner ring and the shoulder bears against the face of the outer ring. Obviously, with the Savage type system you use, that’s not very likely to happen. In your opinion, does this have any impact on the strength of the completed project?

    Couple other comments on getting the VZ24 to feed 450 reliably from the magazine. It only takes a very few light sweeps with a file to the forward area of the feed rails to get the cartridges to feed flawlessly from the magazine. Holds and feeds 3 shells from the magazine as though it was designed for 450 Bushmaster! It also pays to shorten the follower a bit, trim and fit the ends of the spring and install a block in the back of the magazine well to keep the cartridges and follower located properly.

    Couple things I think you could improve on. First, you really ought to supply a cap to cover the threaded muzzle, and second the stencil used to mark the barrel caliber doesn’t hold up to bluing. You really need to stamp the designation on the barrel…otherwise, so far, so good!

  7. Cody Aden says:

    Iowa like many other shotgun only states is allowing pistol and antique type straight walled cartridges in the deer season. Could you expand your barrel line to include .444 Marlin, 44 Warp( rimless .444) or perhaps 10mm Auto or .40 S&W. The one I would most like to see is the Warp. It can be made with 06 brass and should feed with little modification. Maybe it could be commercialized as the .444 NILRAM. LOL.I used to deer hunt with a Mauser in WI, and I would like to be able to do it in Iowa. Waiting to buy one soon.

  8. Rhineland Arms says:

    info@troupsystems is where to send an email. Thank you for letting us know we are getting a server error.
    Rhineland Arms

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