Rhineland Arms Buffer Tubes

We decided to test the new finish on our buffer tubes for the AR15. As you know, the AR 15 can be in some pretty harsh environments. As hunters, mud and grime are hard to avoid. We wanted to first test the new finish using mud. We smeared in on and tested to see how well it shook off. It kept slipping off. The stuff that did stick on initially, was easily wiped clean. We also wanted to see how a standard issue buffer tube would do in mud. As you can see from the picture below, mud stuck!

Buffer Tube vs. Cement

We thought what would the most abrasive thing we could try next. Who doesn’t think concrete? Not only did we smear concrete over the tube, but also inside. We finished off by burying it in the concrete and letting it set for 24 hours. Stuck in solid concrete, we smashed it out (so much fun!) and wow… after a quick rinse in water, no concrete stuck on anywhere! Not even any residue. The standard buffer tube showed signs of residue, that no matter how much scrubbing, couldn’t get it all off. Check out the whole video on YouTube, at least until they shut our channel down!

Buffer Tubes in dried cement
Buffer Tubes after a light cleaning