Enfield, Mauser & HK G3 acp Kits

Mauser 45 acp Kits and Parts We are excited to announce that our 45 acp kits are back in stock for BOTH the small ring and large ring Mauser!  We will be fulfilling all of our back orders later this week!  (Thank you for your patience!) We are taking new orders for these.   Mauser 45acp kits and parts are available for Export.   Adapters only $55 Barrels only    $110 Complete kits  starting at $160  
Enfield 45 acp Kits and Parts     Our Enfield 45 acp kits are coming back into inventory!  After being out of our lineup for 14 years, they are back!  These parts will be sold in parts and complete kits. Barrels and Adapaters will be sold individually for those who want to make custom projects. Barrels will be in stock in the next couple of weeks. Adapters are now available and utilize our snap in design.   Enfield kits and parts are available for export. Minimum quantities apply.   Adapter only  $75 Barrel only     $110 Complete kit  $180
VEPR Maple Kits
VEPR Maple kits will be back in stock beginning March 8!  We had a after Christmas surge that wiped us out of all maple stocks. We will have Grades 1,2 and 3 available.  Grade 3 has almost no stripes to them, but are perfect for water base dyes of all colors and the easiest way to achieve the various Com Bloc colors.
Export Orders! After years of requests, we are now accepting export orders through our partner on Mauser and Enfield 45acp conversion kits and parts at this time. Minimum order quantities apply. Please contact us for more information. All orders are processed through our export broker.
HKG3 45acp kits and Parts
Now on our 2nd Generation version!
  These parts are to convert HK G3 or Cetme parts kits to use 45acp Thompson M1 magazines.  This is a very easy conversion to do, except for welding the trunion into the receiver. This will work just as well with a low cost Cetme kit from Apex and Century Arms or with HK G3 parts. We used a G3 receiver from PTR, HK trigger pack, rear stock and handguards with a Cetme bolt.  This can just as easily be set up with all standard items in the kit or upgrade to a SD front end (still, in the works).   Adapter only $105 Barrel only    $105 Complete kit $198

5 thoughts on “Enfield, Mauser & HK G3 acp Kits

  1. William Woolley says:

    Will Enfield 7.62 X 39 kits be offered again ? Is there a download of Enfield 45 conversion kit instructions ?

    • Rhineland Arms says:

      They’ve never been offered by us… will have to think about that one! We are working on 450 Bushmaster barrels for the Enfield. We are working on getting the instructions up on the website, should be by the end of the week.

  2. Nolan says:

    Are there specific .45 acp conversion kits for SMLE and Mark IV? Or will the kits fit any enfield models? Thanks.

  3. Nolan says:

    Are there specific .45 acp conversion kits for SMLE and Mark IV? Or will the kits fit any enfield models? Thanks.

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