One thought on “Enfield Instructions

  1. Tom Koppel says:

    Hi! I hope this works since I can’t get your email address to go through.

    I bought a 450 BM barrel from you few years ago and am very pleased. I’ve got a new project in mind, a 98 Turkish action that’s going to need a barrel threaded for a small ring mauser. Kind of an odd duck, large ring profile reciever threaded for a small ring barrel.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of threading it in to contact the internal “C” ring and set the lock ring against the face of the reciever. This will require that I finish ream the chamber to head space properly. Do you see any problem with doing this with one of your small ring barrels?

    Just a few other questions. It seems that at one time you offered barrels longer than 16.5″? Too, is it possible to get one of your barrels without barrel muzzle threads? I’d be interested in both, if possible.

    Again, thanks in advance for your response.

    Tom Koppel

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