The Romanian PSL to SVD conversion kit

Rhineland Arms is introducing a new stock for the PSL series rifles. This stock is in  production, it is made of solid American walnut only at this time.  Features include a rear stock with a style similar to the Russian SVD but with adjustable check rest identical to our Type 1 PSL stock and a new handguard made of a single piece of American walnut that has been vented to look like the SVD series hand guard .  Locking knobs for the check rest are black military knobs and it has  1" of adjustability.     The stock and  handguards have threaded inserts for mounting bipods and swivel mounts.

Now available in Tiger Maple


The handguards require the removal of the flangs on the gas tube. You can buy spare gas tubes for $35 from Copes Distributing.


The ordering system should be in place by 7/14

SVD kit






Romanian PSL to SVD conversion kits




Old instructions

Leopard stocks


Romanian PSL 54c Stocks

        How-To-Remove/Install PSL stocks

        How-To-Refinish PSL stocks 





  PSL SVD kit

Romanian PSL furniture kit in unfinished Walnut, Price $145

Unfinshed Tiger Maple $155

  PSL SVD Rear Stock only

Walnut or Tiger Maple Price $100

  PSL SVD  Hang Guards only

Walnut Price $45

Tiger Maple $55


Made in the USA