The Romanian PSL 54c stock

Rhineland Arms is introducing a new stock for the PSL series rifles. This stock is in  production, it is made of solid American walnut or  double layer Tiger maple.  Features include a adjustable check rest, rubber recoil pad and contoured  forearm for a more comfortable grip. The cheek rest is made of a medium hard rubber as is the recoil-pad to reduce felt recoil.  Locking knobs for the check rest are black military knobs and it has  1" of adjustability. The forearm has 2 threaded inserts for a sling swivel or bipod mounting.  The stock is longer for a length of pull increased to 15.25, it can be reduced to 14" by cutting the wood. the stock also features a threaded insert for attaching a swivel on the bottom.

This stock is available in right or left hand variations. Left hand versions are on hand in maple and walnut as of 3/25. The left hand version has a contour for the left check and palm but the knobs are still on the right side of the stock. Most left hand shooters remove the check rest and knobs.

Prototype stock shown in unstained walnut "top" and finished tiger maple "below"


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Romanian PSL 54c Stocks

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PSL Walnut kits

Romanian PSL furniture kit in unfinished Walnut, 2nd generation $150-introduction price

PSL Tiger Maple kits

Romanian PSL furniture kit in unfinished Tiger Maple, good amount of figure, usually around 80% or better coverage on the stock $150-introduction price

Rear stocks only.

Unfinished walnut or Tiger maple stock and all needed hardware   $80. Please specify woo type wanted with order.


Made in the USA