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     Ruger 1022 Para stock in walnut

Our first Para stock is for the Ruger 1022 and features a main body made of American walnut. The action is fixed using our new adjustable locking receiver tab as used on the Leopard rifles. You can use any diameter barrel up to 1". Designed to use the UTG G36 rails on the bottom for accessories. Designed to use standard AR15 pistol grips and stocks, or you can use the side folders off other stocks, mounting screws included. Price is $69+SH

This view shows the front and rear threaded inserts. They are all 10-32 threads. The stock only ships as shown in the lower left with wood frame, rear stock adapter, grip stud and receiver lock. The wood is unfinished walnut that has only been sanded to 180grit.

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Here is a prototype we have been playing with. It features a AK underfolder stock and pistol grip. We simply rotated the AK stock trunion around and drilled it to match our hole spacing. Works pretty good but will scratch the stock around the area the Butt plate folds into. The pistol grips needs jerry rigging to attach.  


     Remington 597 Para stock
Para 597 stock


The Para stock for the Remington 597 will be available November 1st. It is identical to the 1022 Para stock and can be fitted with a Butler Creek or AR15 stock. It comes with a mount for AR15 pistol grips as well. This stock also has a wood gap filler between the pistol grip and trigger. Price $65.00+SH.
Shown with a AR type stock attached to a Para stock in Mahogany wood. Please note this stock does not come with a AR 15 rear stock, pistol grip or scope rail.

Made in the USA