Rhineland Arms 1022 Rail Stock, 2nd Generation,

 This item has sold out and no longer made, it will be replaced by our new design later in 2012  


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This is now the 2ng generation of the Rail stock and  features a more adaptable rear section to accommodate more types of rear stocks.  The stock is  a system with the primary component being the central chassis. The chassis allows for the use of completely different rear stocks, AR pistol grips and foreword mounting systems. The Chassis is machined from solid billet aluminum and on the 10/22 model features a cam system so that the same chassis can be used for bull barrels or standard factory barrels without worry of the action sagging in the stock. The barrel is free floating, but the option to support is with glass bedding. The flat foreword bottom is for bench rest shooters and aids in stabilization. The chassis system is currently sold for use with any AR15 collapsible stock that simply screws into the threads on the round part shown in the picture. The Ar15 stock mount bracket can be removed and other type stocks adapted for use, such as Butler Creek or Ace side folders. This item is made in Texas.
Rear view of the 1022 Rail stock. This shows how we mount the AR15 stock trunion. The spacing between the holes is .55"  and the holds are threaded 10-32. You can adapt other type stocks for our Rail. The AR15 Trunion is extremely rigid for those of you whishing to use the stock for target work.
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NOTICE for KIDD and VQ trigger pack users. Be very careful when installing a action with those trigger packs into this stock. It maybe very or even too tight. If you want to use those trigger packs, let us know and we can remachine the stock for them.

Factory magazine notice...Ruger factory 10 round magazines are too tight to fit in this stock, you can sand the sides down or use any aftermarket magazine. We can not re-machine this area of the stock. I think we did it this way because most people use aftermarket magazines and we wanted those to align in a tight stock.




 The 1022 Rail stock is designed to use scope rails on the side with a UTG-G36 hand guard scope rails. They can be found for around $15 per set on Amazon. The hole spacing on the side is 3.285", 10-32 threaded holes.









Made in the USA