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Rhineland Arms PSL Type 1 stocks and parts
Rhineland Arms PSL Panther stocks and parts


Rhineland Arms PSL/SVD stocks and parts

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Rhineland Arms now offers a couple different types of stock kits for the PSL rifle. The Type 1 stock is a easy retrofit, the Panther and SVD conversions require the modification of the gas tube by removing the flangs. You can buy spare PSL gas tubes at Copes Distributing as listed below,  we also have current suppliers of PSL rifles listed.


Visit Dragunov.net for a great review and instructions on how they converted their stock. Dragunov PSL


 Sellers of spare PSL parts

Copes Distributing  Supplier of spare Parts

Apex Gun parts Lots of cool gun parts galor.



Sellers of PSL rifles.

Century Arms Supplier of imported PSL rifles

Centerfire systems-They usually have PSLs in stock.

Arms of America The best supply of Saiga rifles around

Classic Arms Dig around on their web site and you will find a PSL or two on there.

Military Gun Supply They have a actual store in Fort Worth Texas, Call first to check on Saiga and PSL supplies.

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