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Mauser conversion headquarters
45acp, 45 winchester magnum, 7.62*39 and more conversion kits

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Available Mauser kits 8/15/15
The Mauser 45acp kits,
in stock

The 45acp kits feature a military profile barrel that is 16.5" long and uses our quick barrel change system were no gunsmithing needed. These kits are available for both the large ring and small ring Mauser actions.  The kits include a barrel, barrel lock nut, ejector and mag adapter. You need to supply the Colt magazine and  magazine catch which is just a Colt 1911 extended type.

Mauser 45acp kit support---If you are having difficulty getting the barrel threads to fit your rifle, you can send your action and barrel in for us to fit it, this will generally be more of a problem with the small ring threads but will gladly do it on any of the threads. Its best to fit the threads before you put a finish on them. We use Brownells tap/die sets to match up the threads. Please email for mailing info and turnaround time. Turn around time should be around 10-12 days. This is free service we offer.

These work with Mauser K98, Czech Vz22-Vz24 and Turkish Mausers the best. DO NOT USE YUGOSLAVIAN M48 rifles, it is very difficult to get them to work correctly due to the bolt face and feed ramp designs.

Mauser 45acp kits-Sporter barrels
 Military barrels coming in early Dec
Mauser 7.62 * 39 conversions
Bore Specs=1:9.5 twist and a .3005-.302
bore/.3105-.312 groove
Muzzle threaded barrels are 5/8-24

 The 7.62* 39 conversion  barrels are finally available with and without threads for suppressors. Please note these barrels use our barrel nut system so no chambering is required and the surface is left with a slight texture. All barrels are fully chambered, 16.5" long and true bore for 7.62*39 and use our locking ring.





small ring sporter barrels
 Ask about quantity discounts.

large ring barrels coming in September
Mauser magazine adapters for 7.62*39 and 6.5 Grendel
This is the new magazine adapter for large and small ring mausers. These are designed to be used with the Cz527 magazines and feature a single colum feed for more reliablilty.
mag adatper


Mauser kits in development
  Mauser commerical receivers available from Sarco, click here for $300 we have not had a chance to get one of these in and review them yet. This is a commercial receier and most likely does not have the thumb slot we use for the extended ejector. This receiver will most likely be great for the 6.5 and 300blackout conversions.
Exo solid aluminum rail stock with built in trigger guard and AI or magpul detachable magazines. Next generation will be slightly different. SOLD OUT
Mauser 45magnum   conversions. The one shown uses M1 carbine mags, we are trying to get away from that for a much simplified conversion. It should work with multiple pistol calibers when we are done. Opening the door to many more calibers for the Mauser.
6.5 Grendel and 300 Blackout mauser conversions Mauser 6.5 Grendel and 300blackout conversion kits are in the works. For the 300blackout we are working on a bolt face insert to tackle the issue of extraction.

   Mauser Updates

Mauser 45acp Youtube How-To videos

 old instructions on Mauser conversions  Mauser 45acp


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