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The Rhineland Arms Mauser barrels feature a no-gunsmithing required conversion set up. These are in 308/7.62 Nato. The barrels have full length chambers and use a lock ring to adjust headspace. The barrels come with a flat cut crown so that you can customize it if you want, we can do a 11 crown here as well. The dimensions are 19 7/8" long, 1.1" OD at the breach and .875" OD at the muzzle, this is a very heavy barrel. Barrel twist rate is 1:10 and made from 41V50 high chrome steel, with a course texture on the outside for very low luster finishes as required for tactical type rifles. Barrels are stored indoors and ship with a anti-rust clear coating, inside and out.

Barrels are now finished and shipping. Barrels with 11 crown will start shipping the first week in October.

Price on sale until June 1st

$95 for uncut crown

$115 for 11 crown


mauser 308 bbl


Flat cut crown















Made in the USA