Mauser 45acp conversion kits

----Mauser 45acp kits  in production, small ring kits now available, large ring kits available after Christmas-----

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click on picture for a larger image, use your browser back arrow to get back. This is a M48 action--do not use those with the 45acp they are too difficult to get to work reliably.

 Mauser disassembly  

 Mauser 45acp build ups

Trouble shooting

New views of the locking ring, a very easy way to get a perfect headspace.

 This is the first Mauser conversion that we are offering, it is a .45acp conversion using Colt 1911 style mags and mag release button. This is a rifle for those of you who want a quiet  rifle with a bit more power than a 22. These are very accurate and fun rifles to shoot. typically there is a 300fps increase in bullet velocity.  

This is a very easy conversion kit for the do-it-yourselfer, it was designed for the large ring Mausers such as the K98, M98, M48, VZ22, VZ24 and others.  The barrels are either the traditional Military profile type that allows you to use the front and rear barrel sights that came with the rifle or the no sight sporter barrel for use with scopes. We will soon have barrels and adapters for the small ring Mausers as well. We are also working on the 45 winchester magnum  conversions. We can convert any of our 45acp barrels to magnum for a $10 charge. All Mauser actions can be fully returned to the original caliber with little trouble.

The barrels are sold in the White (with no finish) and the adapters are sold with a finish consisting of the following, Hard anodization then Teflon and finally on the outside a flat black moly resin finish.

Here are the basics for how to do the conversion. The Adapter slides into the mag well and is held in place by pins, you must drill holes for these. The barrel is replaced by a new one and head spaced. You will have to widen the magazine rail with a file and you are finished with the conversion. 

All you will need for a conversion is a barrel and a adapter, you will also need to get a colt style 1911 magazine and extended magazine catch assembly. We will also have conversions available for those who do not want to do the work. We will be using the VZ24 type actions. More details and pictures available soon. We have found the Czech Vz24 rifles to be the best for the conversion, although the K98 and Vz22 rifles work very well also. We will have a help guide for helping you decide which Mauser action to use.

Barrel Specifications

Length: 16.5" overall

Barrel twist: 1 in 16

Barrel manufacture:  finial machining by Rhineland Arms.

Bore: Button made rifling

Barrel profiles: Military, Sporter, Bull barrel. (large and small ring)

Adapter Specifications

Aluminum, with hard anodize and teflon coating. Outside has a finial coat of flat black moly resin. Pat. Pending.





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