Rhineland Arms is a firearms design and manufacturing company. We are located in Texas and provide gun enthusiasts options for creating unique firearms. Our products enable customers to refurbish curio, relic and old Mauser rifles to a functional firearm. We specialize in stocks for the Vepr and PSL rifles as well as parts for Mauser rifles. Our barrels are popular with hog hunters in thick brush. See our new 450 Bushmaster, which is perfect for hunting the largest hogs.

Our customers can:

  • Convert Mausers to 45ACP for a low recoil fun shooting rifle, which is a good platform for suppressors.
  • Convert Mausers to high-powered barrels to shoot surplus ammunition or precision 308.
  • PSL and Veprs can be converted to a SVD style rifle, giving you a longer length of pull and adjustable cheek rest.

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