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Welcome to Rhineland Arms, Inc.  a small firearms manufacturing company located in North Texas.

We specialize in precision stocks and conversion kits for Mausers, PSL rifles and more. We are constantly designing and manufacturing new items so check in frequently.

EXO 700 billet aluminum stocks for Remington, on sale here EXO Remington 700 Sale

NOTICE-  Sold out of the following until mid Sept 2014. Mauser 45acp small ring kits. Siaga and Vepr tiger maple stock kits.

Leopard stocks for the Mosin Nagant rifle,and AK 47 Tiger Maple stocks coming Feb 7th.

Excellent link to finishing Rhineland Arms stocks in tiger maple, using Aquafortis.


COOL STUFF LINKS Now featuring Mauser 45acp How-To Video

Updates 8/18/2014

 Mauser 45 small ring kits sold out until mid Sept 2014. We will be taking back orders as soon as the barrel blanks arrive.


Siaga and Vepr tiger maple kits sold out until mid Sept. More are in process and we will take back orders as soon as the wood is cut.









Made in the USA

Rhineland Arms, Inc.